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  • Why The Upfront Cost?
  • Most cell plans include the cost of the equipment in their monthly payment. They also contract you into a two year commitment to recoup the cost of that equipment. Usually costing the consumer over the cost of the price of the equipment. We have no contract. You can walk away from service, put it on hold whenever you like. Obviously if we didn’t charge for the equipment upfront someone could walk away with the equipment as soon as they get it. We also hold very little margins on our product. Instead of a large monthly payment we charge an activation fee to pay for the people behind the scenes, the account managers and overhead. We try to keep the monthly payment as low as possible. The one time charge, that includes the first month, is there to save the consumer monthly.
  • What is the range of the Hotspot?
  • Depending on the structure you are in, walls and other objects can obstruct the signal. Signal booster are readily available online and can extend the hotspot to greater areas than 50’.
  • Is there a contract?
  • Nope!
  • What towers do they run off of?
  • The Service runs off T-Mobile. Coverage can be checked here.
  • Is The Data Throttled?
  • What is Data Prioritization?

    Simply put, T-Mobile has a policy in place where, if you’re in the top 3% of data users, your access to data is prioritized below other people’s. There’s a practice in place which flags these users on the system. It’s given a brief mention in the “About T-Mobile” page under the consumer tab:

    “To provide a good service experience for the majority of our customers, and minimize capacity issues and degradation in network performance, we may manage network traffic through prioritization. This means that customers who use more data than what is used by 97% of what all customers use in a given month, based on recent historical averages, might in some cases have their data usage prioritized below the data of other customers during times and in places of network contention. (Customers who use data in violation of their Rate Plan terms or T-Mobile’s Terms and Conditions may be excluded from this calculation.) “

    Now, this is worked out on a month-by-month basis. Customers that are flagged for using more data than 97% of customers in a given month will be reset at the beginning of their next bill cycle. Sadly, there’s no specific figure in GBs downloaded to go by. Nothing anywhere that says that if you hit 20GB, you get throttled. It doesn’t work that way. It’s based on percentages.

    Will I feel the effect?

    The answer to that is “probably not”. First off, it’s very unlikely that you’re in the top 3% of data users unless you’re going crazy downloading tons of content over LTE. Secondly, it depends very much on what the network conditions are like in your area and how many people are using the same cell tower at once. If you’re a high user in an area where the network is unlikely to feel the effects of congestion, you won’t notice much difference, if any at all.

    T-Mobile notes in its communication to staff that the “overwhelming majority of customers that have their data requests de-prioritized are in places of normal network contention. This means that while they may see their speeds drop a bit and will be slower than other folks on that tower, they are still getting really strong data speeds (and are not likely to call in to Care).”

    Network contention is where multiple users are trying to access the same tower at the same time. Congestion is when there are so many that services/speeds are impacted.

    In most cases, during normal contention, the difference in speed should be small enough that customers won’t even notice the difference. As an example, once customer might be getting 20Mbps download speeds while the de-prioritized next is getting 10-12Mbps.

    During these busy times, if you’re in that 3% of high users, your access to the network is seen as less of a priority that those who use much less data.

    Congestion doesn’t happen everywhere and only affects a small number of towers. But these are the areas where customers are more than likely going to feel the pinch of drastically reduced speeds if they have been de-prioritized. In many cases, in these heavily congested areas, speeds could be around or below 1Mbps.

    De-prioritized customers will – more than likely – see their speeds increase during the evenings and weekends when the networks aren’t as busy. The traffic alleviating measures only really kick in during busy times and on busy sites.

    “This is NOT a throttle”

    T-Mobile has reiterated a number of times that it doesn’t “throttle” customers. And, as much as this might feel like being throttled to the high users in congested areas, it isn’t. In fact, in T-Mobile’s systems, customer accounts which have been de-prioritized will have a flagged notice which makes it clear that it isn’t a throttle, and that they are being bumped down the network access priority list for using a lot of data. Unlike throttling, which effects a customer regardless of how busy or quiet the local network is. This is an effort to stop congestion from having a serious impact on the network performance rather than being a blanket targeting of every single high data user.

    Brandon, the original poster on Reddit stated later on that he spoke to someone from John Legere’s office who reiterated as much to him.

    Long story short: Don’t worry about it unless you’re constantly watching movies over LTE and you live in a busy area.

  • How much GB of data do I get?
  • The plan is scheduled for unlimited data.
  • What speed downloads can I get?
  • Speeds will vary due to location and unknown interferences: We have witnessed any range from 3Mbps to 80Mbps.
  • Can I use this with a PS4?
  • Yes, You can play online games with the Hotspot just like any other service by an internet service provider.
  • Can I stream movies with the Hotspot?
  • Yes, Netflix, Roku, Amazon Prime, Internet TV, Smart TV and Satellite services with internet capabilities. Virtually anything that can connect via wireless signal.
  • Is it available in my area?
  • The best way to find out is to check out our coverage map here.
  • Return Poicy
  • You have 14 days from the order date to return ALL equipment and/or cancel service if not satisfied. We will deduct $25.00 equipment restocking fee, pro-rated service fees, and $37.50 activation fee from your refund. You will receive your refund within 10 days after equipment is received.
  • Are We Legit? Who Is Wifinder Planet
  • We know dealing with a company online can sometimes be worrysome if you do not know who they are.
    Wifinder Planet Works as a Broker to find the best hotspot internet plans we can find. We work directly for Impact-Wireless who is contracted with T-Mobile. All pricing, hardware and plans are solely controlled and distributed by Impact-Wireless.
  • How long will the program last?
  • As long as you want it is a month to month service so you can cancel at anytime.
  • How do speeds operate in storms?
  • The device is virtually not effected by weather as it uses data like your cell phone and you could use that as a good comparison.
  • How much for this device?
  • Although the devices that are available for the program are subject to change currently the devices range from $25 to $350 and will range in quality based on price. You get what you pay for.
  • How much will I pay upfront?
  • There are a few factors that will range between individuals. Typically the first month is required plus the cost of equipment/upgrades.
  • Wouldn't a computer with an HDMI cord have to be hooked up?
  • The hotspot works off of a wireless signal so it is a standalone device, It can also be tethered with the included micro USB cable.
  • Is there a credit check on this plan?
  • Nope!
  • Who is eligible For this plan?
  • Everyone! Credit card Autopay is required You can also have an Account Manager contact you.
  • How Long does it take to get?
  • Once the account is processed the Hotspot/Equipment is mailed FedEx.
  • Why is there no Phone # to call?
  • Due to the amount of applicants that are taking advantage of this program we would have to take the handful of Account Managers away from processing activations. Once you have completed the call back request we will call ASAp to answer questions.
  • T-Mobile Terms and Conditions
  • General Terms and conditions
    Internet Service Terms and Conditions