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The Product

Our proprietary technology turns your Television into a smart TV, and provides access to every Movie, TV series, Sporting events, live TV and so much more. This android media box provides thousands of solutions for the home and business.

With an open source platform we can show you how to customize your box to all your favorites and add separate users for the whole household to enjoy. Unicorns make everyone smile for different reasons, let's find out what yours are!

The Opportunity

Partnering with OWW offers the opportunity to directly change lives of those around you. By shedding positive light on products that are necessary in todays world, you become a valuable member of society that people trust and turn to for solutions. We offer a commission and lifetime residual income to our affiliate partners.

Degrees of Influence

We all have networks that expand throughout the world. We are encouraging you to use your influence to your advantage and create a lifetime residual income for your future. OWW is an employee owned company giving back a portion of its revenue to you, the Influencer!