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Unlimited Data with more options, more Value! Take a look at our amazing Offers!

Wifinder Planet has it! Unlimited Data Internet Hotspot Plans. They work great for individuals on the road and at home. We offer an unlimited internet hotspot or router that fits your needs! Check out our active plan link to view our current plan and see what equipment is right for you.

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Who doesn’t like to get a bargain or save money? We offer truly unlimited Data with no contracts!. So What are you waiting for? Shop our online store or complete the call back form. The process is easy, an account manager will be assigned to you and you will be contacted as soon as Possible. Do not delay as information is processed in the order received.

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A Wi-Fi Hotspot can range in size and Strength. Depending if you Need it for your home or business or on the go. we will have the Wi-Fi Router Hotspot that will fit your needs. Take a look at our equipment to find out which hotspot is right for you.